Dom Square, Dom church & Dom tower


Still unknown


Still unknown


The Peace of Utrecht was signed on 11 April 1713. The quill turned out mightier than the sword. It was not the battlefield, but the negotiating table which brought a succession of wars to an end. 
Diplomats from all over Europe spent as long as a year negotiating in Utrecht, and the people of Utrecht wanted very much to make a lasting impression on the foreign dignitaries. The city was alive with art and culture. The high point was - of course - the Domtoren, or Cathedral Tower. This was beautifully lit up with candles and torches for the occasion. Speirs + Major were inspired by the 300th anniversary of the Peace of Utrecht. Memory and energy will come together on the Dom Square. They shed light on the shadow side of peace, the sacrifices it sometimes costs, but also on the eternal powerful exchange between the city and its inhabitants. You‘ll see for yourself: sparks will fly.  And just like then, the Domtoren will once again be a beacon of light, a lantern forming a shining centre point in the city. Partygoers will recharge their batteries at its foot, in the light of Peace. The more sustainable, the better.

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